(The "zj" is pronounced like the "si" as in "vision")
Music for Psaltery by Grego  

bowed psaltery
                dreambird puppet Mazja, cd by Grego

 This album is about exploration of the flavors of the world's musics, and of the huge sonic spectrum available with a new approach to an uncommon instrument, the bowed psaltery. Two of the melodies were taken from the traditional repertoires of China and Spain. The rest of the album consists of original compositions using stylistic elements drawn from Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas.

 Grego "...takes this narrow range of sounds ...and does a nice job of expanding on it." --Dirty Linen, America's foremost folk and world music magazine.

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  psaltery, pipe, stomp feet, clap hands

Fanfare for a Fool's Parade   a Celtish romp, with percussion

Cricket  jazz-flavored string bass and drums