Some International Performance Highlights of

~  Grego Musical Puppets  ~

  Living History Center Faires (U.S.A) 1988
  Hong Kong Fringe Festival 1988, 89
  Noge Performance Festival  (Japan) 1990, '91, '94~'04
  Festival of Movement and Music  (Charleville Mezier, France) 1993
  Tarrega  Puppet Festival   (Spain) 1994
  Oregon Country Fair (U.S.A) annually 2000~2011
  Puppetmania, Puppeteers of America regional Festival (U.S.A) 2001
  Singapore Puppet Festival  2001
  Iida Puppet Festa  (Japan)  annually since 2001
  World Cup in Shizuoka Festival  (Japan) 2002
  Chuncheon Puppet Festival  ( Korea) 2003, '08
  East Asia Puppet Festival  (Japan) 2004
  Asian Monodrama Festival (Korea) 2005, '07, '08
  Namyangju Outdoor Theater Arts Festival (Korea) 2006
  Yunlin Puppet Festival (Taiwan) 2006, '08, '09, '12
  Disney Sea theme park  (Japan) 2007
  Puppet Rampage, Puppeteers of America national Festival (U.S.A) 2008
GwangMyeon Instrumental Music Festival  (Korea) 2009
 Okayama International Music Festival (Japan) 2010
Street Show in Bangkok Festival (Thailand) 2008, '09, 13

There have been many more, but this small list is a sample of the countries,
and types of festivals, that have enjoyed this performance.

Other types of venues including schools, libraries, hospitals, and community centers by the dozens
have hosted performances and workshops.

NGO-related charity shows:
Tohoku (Japan's tsunami-stricken area)
Family Concert Series (Korea)
Myanmar (Burma) refugee schools