Grego Musical Puppets

Puppets that play music

puppets that are instruments
Grego in Grego Land, puppets Junior, Sakura-chan,
                stumpfiddle, Barcelona '92!

instruments that are puppets

Sakura, Grego, and Junior busking Europe in 1991


Welcome to Gregoland

pipe & psaltery

The intersection of musical performance,  puppetry, and theatrical shenanigans
forms fertile ground here.

The instruments, music, and puppets are all either traditional, or original creations rooted in folk tradition. Several historical forms of one-man-band enliven tunes from the thirteenth century to the present on instruments ranging from elegant to fanciful to downright silly.
But, as if a one-man-band were not enough, the instruments become puppets, or are played by them. Puppets dance and perform to the accompaniment of music played live, in real time, by the solo performer.
Some of this stuff is for adults, some for children, but most of it is for everyone. The universal languages of sound and image invite  smiles not only from all ages, but from anywhere in the world where people like to smile.                                     
Grego's patchwork pants
The duration of the performance is flexible. Musical vignettes, sometimes as short as two minutes, stack up to suit the occasion.  It's kind of a patchwork of fun and folk culture, as are the pants that sometimes apear in the show. Coming from various places along the Grego road, each hand-sewn patch is like a page in a journal. In the top photo you could still see some of the original denim britches. That was in the early '90's...

This show has been road-tested in a dozen countries, illuminated TV screens in six of them, contributed to radio programming in some, (how many puppet shows can say that?), and animated arts festivals in many a land. Yet those trousers still seem to need a fresh patch.

Grego is currently living and working in Japan, but makes occasional appearances abroad.

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