Grego Musical Puppets adventure, dreambird Mazja,
                Moka monkey

What they're saying about


" ...a real artist."
- Zoom In Asa TV show, Japan

" troubador with one-of-a-kind puppets" -Jalan travel magazine, Japan

Grego adventure

"...extraordinary, comic, and in a strange way beautiful... surprisingly sophisticated." -South China Morning Post , Hong Kong

"Grego was a big success this weekend in Charleville, France... couldn't fail to please..."
Goe Vollek  folk music magazine, Belgium
Grego fantasy puppeteer "...his original performance weaves a unifying thread through diverse cultures."
-Create magazine, Japan

"exotic, dreamlike show”
-Japan Close Up magazine

"...puppet ensemble admiration magnet...applause floods in from sightseers."
-Hokkaido Shinbun newspaper, Japan

Grego bowed psaltery concert

"...takes this narrow range of sounds" (bowed psaltery) "and does a nice job of expanding on it."
 -Dirty Linen, U.S.A.

"...just one guy, but a gorgeous orchestra."
-From A magazine, Japan

"...multi-media personified..." -Laox News, Japan
Grego patchwork puppet guy