These planchettes were made by The Early Music and Dance Research Society, in the Tokyo area, for my performances with them. Since having invited me to join in on their biennial exhibitions back in the early '90s, they have included a variety of puppet types in the shows.

planchette and bones, Grego Musical Puppets

The male puppet has a sword, the female a broom. Are they dancing or fighting?
With the tabor pipe (flute) sheathed, I'm playing a percussive passage on bones.

planchettes, Grego Musical Puppets

Planchettes at rest.
The Gaudi-esque setting is an art school for youngsters, near Tokyo.
The show was lightly hung on a theatrical theme of the return of Don Quixote.

planchette close up, Grego puppet

A closer view.

apple dolls, Grego Musical Puppets in Japan

These aren't planchettes, but since this mini show was at the same event I sneaked it onto the page.
The American tradition of apple dolls has them as just that, decorative dolls.
Lately I've begun using the ones we make as puppets, too.

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