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 The Psalteries used in this recording have been restrung and retuned to facilitate strumming of chord clusters and harp-like picking. These techniques work simultaneously with single and double bowing. The resulting impression of a duet is easily heard on the unaccompanied Chinese piece. The tabor pipe is a medieval three-holed flute played with one hand, normally leaving the other hand free to beat a drum. Instead of a drum, I use the psaltery with the pipe. Thus the bowed/plucked psaltery parts and the pipe/plucked psaltery parts on this album represent a live solo performance style. It's almost too much fun for one guy to have. Electronic effects were used on percussion during a short episode in the middle of Phoenix Moon. All other sounds are the natural voices of acoustic instruments. Phoenix Moon was played on a Unicorn psaltery: all other tunes were played on an Omega psaltery. Special thanks to Richard Spencer at Omega Strings for the custom work. Grego, tabor pipe

Grego, bowed

Grego - Psaltery and tabor pipe,  Stan Poplin -  Bass,  Armondo Mafufu - Middle Eastern percussion, Dave Miles - Renaissance Percussion,  Barry Phillips - Tabla, Steve Robertson - Drum set, Udu drum (African ceramic vase), and congas

Most of the music for this CD was composed on a cliff
overlooking the gulf of Siam.

Sincerest thanks to Nature and her Source


See video clip of Mazja playing

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