~ Mazja ~
The Dreambird

Mazja has butterfly-shaped wings feathered with leaves.
Her eight human-like hands are each a different color.
They hold and play a moon-horn harp, cymbals, violin, and panpipes.
She is a totem of the principles of harmonic interaction.

Her body is a "psaltery", (or "zither").
It is plucked, strummed, and bowed, and the tabor pipe (flute) is played
in real time while Mazja is being manipulated by the music-puppetician.

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  Grego's CD "Mazja" is available here
Read about the CD, listen to samples from it buy or download it, or individual tunes.

~ Grego Musical Puppets ~

A five minute sample of some of the variety you might see on stage.
This one took place in Daejeon, South Korea, Feb. '07

~ Hello ☆ Babies ~
A show/experience for 0-1-2-year olds

Click here for more information about this production
in the "Theater for very young audiences (TYA - TVYA)" vain


For more video clips of Grego and Mazja in an outdoor setting
At the Oregon Country Fair   (Video by Clark and Sean Higgins)

and busking in parks in Tokyo:
Tennesee Waltz
Lola Lola (France) trad
Breton (France) trad 
Jack dances to Steven Foster's Oh Susanna 
"Childgrove" folk-dance - England
 "Salterello" folk-dance - Italy
 Folk-dance - France 
 Folk-songs - China
 Original music

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